We are now offering our meditation classes via Zoom livestream and in-person.     

1 Which meditation classes are being offered via live stream? At this time, the  following GP classes are being offered via live stream and in-person (limited seats):

·         Sundays at 10:00am

·         Tuesdays at 7:30pm

·         Thursdays at 7:30pm

All times shown are Eastern time

2 How do I register to view a live stream of a meditation class? On the page for that class click where it says click here to register.
3 When can I register? It will help if you register 24-hours in advance.  We may not see your order if you try and register after that time.
4 What happens after I register? You will receive an email that says, “thank you for your order”  The zoom link will be in that email.

 If you have not received a confirmation email, send an email to livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com

5 What if I am a Center Supporter?  Do I still need to register in advance?  If you are a Center supporter, you register in the same way for online zoom attendance and in person attendance.  You have been sent a coupon code and you will use that at checkout; you will not need to make a Paypal donation.  For information on becoming a Center Supporter click here. 
6 How can I get help if I have a problem with my registration or logging in? Send an email to livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com
7 Can I share the link with someone? No, each registration is for one person only.
8 Can I invite my friend who lives in another city or area of the country since this is online? Our live stream is for people in Central Florida. If you know someone in another part of Florida such as Tampa Bay, for example, they should connect with that local center. Other centers are also providing this service.
9 Do I have to donate/pay to General Program meditation classes are by donation; however no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Contact livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com with any questions.

The requested donation is $10 ($5 for students and limited income).  Donations can be made using  PayPal on our website.  We rely on these donations to continue what we do. Thank you for supporting our Dharma Center.

10 If I am a center sponsor, do I have to pay again to view the live stream? No, center sponsors do not have to pay again.  Center sponsors register on the website for in-person or on Zoom, but they were sent a coupon code to use at checkout.  If you do not have this, send an email to livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com and we will send it to you.
 11 How can I view the live stream? You can view the live stream on any Mobile Device (Apple iOS or Android), laptop, desktop, or tablet.  Essentially you can use any device that has a browser.

On the day of class, click the link in your registration confirmation email to view the live stream.

12 Is a specific Browser required? No, Zoom will work with any web browser including:

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer

·         Mozilla Firefox

·         Google Chrome

·         Safari

·         Microsoft Edge

13 Do I have to download Zoom? Downloading Zoom is not required to view the live stream.  However, if you are using your mobile phone, it may help to download it. Otherwise you should be able to log in with your Internet browser on your computer, iPad or phone.
14 What if I can’t hear during the live stream? Make sure that your device is not on mute.  Also check to make sure the volume is turned up enough for you to hear it.
15 What if my feed is dropped, frozen or intermittent? First check the WiFi or Internet connection on your device. We will have someone monitoring each class to make sure the live stream from our end is working correctly.  But please contact us at livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com to report any difficulties you have and we will to our best to locate and correct the problem.

Keep in mind that in light of recent events, there has been a major increase in Internet demand, especially for video.  Please be patient.

16 Can I ask questions during the class? You can ask questions via the chat feature. The teacher may answer to the whole meeting via chat or answer you privately. This may be at the end of the class instead of during the teaching or meditation.
17 What do I do if I have trouble getting in or need help at any point? Send an email to livestreamvajrapani@gmail.com.  Please be patient for a response, as only one person is managing the email during each class.
18 When will other classes start? We are doing our best to get other classes and events online. Check our website or Facebook for the latest information.