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Kadam Dharma is the inner light of wisdom that bestows outer and inner peace and permanent happiness.

If you are able to help Kadam Dharma to flourish in the Central Florida area, please consider giving through a one-time donation, or monthly plan (listed below) with the benefits of participating in a weekly class.

One time Donation —  A one time donation of any size will help Dharma to flourish in our community! 

  Scholarship FundHelp less fortunate attend Dharma classes, retreats, festivals.

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These monthly plans help to pay for operating costs, teacher housing, branch classes and promotion.

  • $35 General Program (Weekly meditation classes) —  Benefits: unlimited  meditation (General Program) classes for the month (6 month commitment please)
  • $60 Foundation Program/Teacher Training ProgramBenefits are the same as GP above and enrollment in a weekly study class and discounts on retreats and day courses.
  • $100 month/$150 couples BenefactorsBenefits are the same as FP & TTP