Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Center provides a peaceful and relaxed environment where people can discover the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and modern Buddhist practice.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops and events. The Buddhist meditation practices taught at our classes are suitable for all levels of interest or experience.  We welcome anyone who wants to learn about how to establish a happy, peaceful heart; no prior experience or belief is necessary to check out our classes to see how you like this presentation of meditation and Buddha’s teachings. Everyone is welcome to attend our meditation classes.

We also offer in-depth study programs, group prayers and guided retreats designed for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of Buddhist teachings.

The Center is staffed by volunteers.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization dependent on the support of our local community.

Buddha Vajrapani

Our Center is named  for Vajrapani, a Buddha who embodies the spiritual power of all enlightened beings.

His name, which means ‘Vajra Holder’, indicates that he is the lineage holder of Buddha’s Vajrayana teachings in general and of Highest Yoga Tantra in particular, and that he has a special power to destroy delusions – the true enemies of living beings.

Through his blessings and inspiration we can gain the inner strength to face our daily problems and sufferings, and to eliminate our delusions, especially self-grasping ignorance, which continually rob us of inner peace and destroy our happiness.

Vajrapani appears in a wrathful aspect, displaying his power to overcome outer, inner, and secret obstacles. At the time of Buddha Shakyamuni he manifested as a Bodhisattva disciple in order to show Buddha’s disciples how to be perfect Mahayana disciples.