What Happens At Our Center?

General Program  meditation classes  are a gentle introduction to meditation without need for prior experience. They provide an introduction and support for an on-going practice of meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist teachings.

These classes offer a broad experience of Buddhist meditation with a practical approach to applying the skills learned and integrate the experience of these meditations with busy, modern daily life.

Why Meditate?

Meditating for only five to ten minutes a day allows us to reduce feelings of anxiety and irritation in our mind and develop a more positive response to stress.  By approaching our daily life and it’s problems with a more peaceful, confident attitude free of negative minds, we can tackle our challenges in a way that is more constructive and positive, become happier ourselves, and gradually improve our relationships with others.

What is a class like?

 Meditation classes start with a short breathing meditation to relax the body and calm our busy mind. Brief prayers are recited to prepare our mind.  This is followed by a short talk on how to apply Buddha’s teaching to our everyday life and then a guided meditation based on the talk. All classes are taught by experienced teachers with many years of practice.

The classes are practical, relevant, and require no specific belief system. Critical thinking and questioning of the teachings is encouraged, and each class offers a chance for a question-and-answer period as well as discussion with other students.

What do I need to attend?

There are no requirements of any kind to learn meditation. Chairs and cushions are provided, and the meditations are guided by a teacher with personal experience.  You can join any class any week!

Requested donation for classes is $10 ($5 for students and limited income).  Center Supporters pay a monthly fee and can attend unlimited drop-in meditation classes. No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Everyone is welcome!