Creating a Pure World

Saturday, June 25 at 10am-12:30pm

The meditative practice of offering the mandala is a powerful method to accumulate merit, or positive energy in the mind.   “Mandala” means a pure universe filled with pure environments, pure enjoyments, populated by a pure society helping one another attain pure happiness and peace.  These offerings of an imagined pure universe are a powerful method to accumulate a vast collection of merit or positive energy. Everything “good in our life” is ultimately due to the positive karma or merit we have created in the past, so merit is the main cause of all of our success in daily life and in our spiritual practice.  

In this retreat we will learn how to engage in the practice of offering the mandala according to the special instructions given in The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Making mandala offerings is a beautiful Kadampa Buddhist practice that harnesses our pure imagination and wisdom

Register Here. Requested donation $15: free for Center Supporters.  You can attend in person or on zoom.

What to Expect

Retreats are usually two sessions, include two guided meditations, a talk on Buddhism for everyday living, and time for Q&A.     

Everyone is welcome!

Vajrapani Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to community enrichment

Register Here to Attend on Zoom.  For in-person you can register in advance here or just drop in.

If you cannot attend the class in person you are welcome to attend through Zoom although you may, or may not, have issues with the sound quality. We are a non profit organization and have limited technical resources. Your best experience is to attend the class in person if possible.